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Thank you for the smooth transaction. It was easy as a b c. Definitely a big thumbs up to Felix, Marc and associates.
Quebec · 2023-10-10
Nice experience! The process is simplified and the sale is fast!
Joé V. Cordeau
Quebec · 2023-08-07
I am very satisfied with the service from shopicar, the service is fast
Andrée Surprenant
Quebec · 2023-05-15
I have just completed the sale of my Ford to Shopicar, the service was impeccable from start to finish.
Robin Le Scornet
Quebec · 2023-04-25
Fast, professional and very friendly! They offered me a good price and the sale was done in less than a day.
Thomas Dalbec
Quebec · 2023-04-24
It is quite a service that I received today. Luca and Jacques are passionate and professional people.
Slim Achour
Quebec · 2023-04-14
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Why Shopicar?

Safer & Peace of mind
Selling your car online with Shopicar tool is a safer and peace of mind option compared to traditional methods such as selling it privately.
Save your time
Shopicar saves time by eliminating the need for physical meetings. Once you “Accept”, we take care of everything - payment, ownership transfer, transportation, inspection, contracts & financial documents.
Save money
Selling your car online with Shopicar will save you money and get the best price in the market. Our AI-powered platform will target specific serious buyers, to drive up the price of your car through increased competition.


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